Organising an event is not as simple as it seems to be. Coming up with the idea and executing it is a huge task in itself and doing it all by yourself will be nothing less than a headache, with no guarantee of the event being a success. Using the management skills that you know is sometimes not enough when you want to manage an event, for an event to be executed successfully, a lot of planning is required, that’s where VUFORA steps in.

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Commercializing the industry of event and contest management, VUFORA is the best online platform for planning and executing your event or contest!

A Feature-rich and Versatile Two-In-One Management Platform

VUFORA helps you get your thoughts in place and executes it to make it a grand success. A unique online platform to create and host both events and contests. 

Acting as the middleman between the organisers and participants, VUFORA makes it easy for the participants to be a part of various events or contests. A portal that brings the organisers and participants under one roof, it keeps everyone well informed and updates its users about new developments.

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Managing Done Right!

VUFORA is the go-to online platform to manage your event or contest, with a lot of new, unique and modern features. It is capable of catering to the fluctuating needs of the modern industries in today’s time.

The event or contest that you plan on hosting can be done exactly according to your needs and requirements. You can now create your own rules, track the event or contest as they are happening, get your participants, judges, and speakers in one place without any glitches!

Social Media Promotion

VUFORA helps you advertise and market your event or contest to get more attendees or participants and spread the word for everyone to know about it too. It acts as a bridge between the organisers and the participants, they can be in touch and clear up any queries they have regarding the event or contest too!

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Secure Transactions 

You don’t even have to worry about keeping tabs of the event’s accounts as VUFORA takes care of it! From buying tickets to refunding or cancelling, it can all be done securely. It provides secure transactions for ticket payment and allows you to refund or cancel tickets completely and partially too.

Our Values

At VUFORA, we believe that our values help us work more efficiently and delivering results which satisfy our client’s need. VUFORA strives for the best and for that to happen, we strongly believe in our values which define us and make working fun too!

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To achieve great things, we at VUFORA hire employees who are resourceful and in time become indispensable to us

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Our company’s priority is our customer’s trust. Your data is safe with us!

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VUFORA aims to provide customers unique and modern solutions to make them stand out among their competitors!

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Customer Service

For us, our customers come first! Customer queries are and will always be of the utmost importance to us.

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At VUFORA, we always keep our word! We believe in being impartial, transparent and honest.