Your best companion to set the stage!

VUFORA is an event management platform that empowers event professionals and event management companies to host and manage conferences, large meetings, competitions, awards, promotions and much more with maximized efficiency and ROI

Streamline processes and keep yourself organized!

Instant access. No credit cards required

Event or Contest? Make it ‘the best’ with VUFORA

VUFORA is a powerful platform for event professionals that eases out the workload and strategize effectively!

event design software

Make your Big Day chaos-free!

Streamline various activities like event page building, registerations, promotions, submissions, check-ins and much more in one place. VUFORA is built with the essential features for all your event and contest needs!

event design software

Get all hands on deck

Work efficiently and stay ahead of the game with VUFORA. Bring your team together in one place, delegate roles and make your team a part of the event and contest for seamless execution.

event design software

All you need is an Internet Connection

Free yourself from complex software and hardware management as VUFORA is offered over the Internet – as a service. With Multitenant Architecture and Easy Customization, you can organize and manage events and contests seamlessly.

event design software

Rich User Experience

VUFORA is simple to use online platform which does not need a big learning curve. Built with self-explanatory UI/UX features and an auto-driven process from event setup to going live, you can start using it right away.

Our Awards

event management software event management software event management software
event design software

Seize the Day with us!

Happy Attendees, Happy You!

Guiding the attendees and actively engaging them throughout the event is instrumental in assuring the overall success of the event.

  • Build a comprehensive event page with all the information they need to know about the event, agenda, speakers and sponsors list, and venue details.
  • Send reminders, real time event updates and schedule changes
  • Instant update on evaluation process and status

Give Attendees an experience they would definitely come back for!

event design software
event design software

Platform to Brand Yourself

If you are looking for event and/or contest management platform with your brand, we have the ideal white-labelling solution for you.

How does it help?

  • Without your investment of time and capital for starting from scratch, you can quickly own and use your own platform.
  • It helps you to create a more personalized experience to engage attendees with your brand and build a stronger event community.
  • Platform can easily be customized with your own domain and logo with distinctive look and feel.
  • Our Multi-layered security strategies, assure your information stays safe, fast, and performs at its best.

Own It. Name It. Brand It.

Get all eyes on you!

You can count on us to go extra mile with your event branding and promotion to maximise your event reach with our excellent combination of well-crafted digital strategies and right talents.

Event Branding

Our value-added services include building independent digital optimized website for your events and contests and design logos, flyers, brochures and other print materials.

Event Marketing

With an aim to drive business growth and solving your marketing issues, we come up with innovative marketing strategies to make your day be the best out of the rest!

event design software

Build community around your brand. Let's talk digital!



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