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5 Features every event management software must have!

Live events have become the “IN” thing nowadays among marketing teams as they have been investing quite a lot in them!

Many corporate houses have seen to be spending a chunk of their annual budgets just for live events solely to associate with their customers, educate them and come up with new leads.

The reason for this can be majorly because of people desperately wanting to get out of the monotonous online experience to actually meet people face-to-face, i.e., offline. Although, innovations in live event technology has also led to the trend of live events. The most successful organizations are inclined to put their money into technology than lesser successful organizations.

Event management software is that ONE technology that a major portion of corporate houses are investing in these days.

So what exactly is an event management software?

An event management software is basically a solution which assists event organizers in various aspects of their event- from registration and check-in to promotion and reporting

Event management software merges the tools that an event organizer need into one platform, which makes it easy to work, quick, secure and with additional insights at bay.

In these modern times, event managers rely on these event management softwares to make their lives easier.

Usually, event management softwares are used for professional events by corporate houses. Trade shows, industry conferences, expositions, networking events, round tables and training sessions are some events which are planned and executed with the help of event management softwares.

Shows and concerts would not be prefer using these event management softwares as they are more focused on increasing ticket sales. Whereas corporate events need to aid attendee engagement and networking to cater to larger event strategy- which involves the event outcomes’ in-depth analysis. This in-turn helps event organizers prove their Return on Investment and the event strategy’s complete effectiveness.

An event management software basically serves as your event need’s end-to-end solution. Generally speaking, an event management software is built around different core components that go into executing something.

Customizable by you!

Event management software now come with tools that help an organizer create a website for their event with just a drag and drop builder. They are able to build a website without having to learn coding at all!

But, these software should also permit them to add custom HTML for advanced customization (if needed) with the option to insert widgets for using on other websites.

Ticketing made easy…

These event management softwares also allow the organisers to foresee registrations as well as ticket sales. They should also allow the event organisers to form a variety of ticket types with its own individual parameters to such an extent that organisers can manage small events as well as internationals events at a large scale!

Event Management Technology

Handy marketing softwares

The next thing that comes after this is to urge registrations. That is where the event marketing tools come into the picture. To start with the basics, emails are said to be the most effective tool for promoting an event. From the words to its design, the softwares should let you come up with your own emails which are tailored according to your needs. They also come with tracking pixels to track website traffic, if remarketing up-to-date content is needed.

Engage your attendees

To give a personalised experience to their attendees so that they feel that are also a part of the action, modern event management software come equipped with attendees engagement app that lets the attendees to network and otherwise be a part of your event. This also lets them learn more about the event, i.e., the sessions and the speakers. Event organisers can also know about the attendees behaviours too.

Easy-to-access information

The softwares should also show ticket and revenue information, but it should also enable organisers to see how the attendees are using their event app, which speaker or sponsor are being checked more and compare the analytics from one event to another.

Event Registration Software

In the modern times, events are becoming more established and accepted and it is all courtesy to the event management software. Nowadays, event management softwares are fulfilling a large range of event functions, helping corporate houses events become successful, letting organisers save time, money and resources, reliable and easy to use.

In conclusion, event management softwares of these times is more than just managing an event – it helps organisers set free the potential of live events and ultimately make the event a grand success!

Creating your event or contest and managing it is now completely simple and straightforward! Join VUFORA, our event and contest management software, to know how an event management software makes your life easier and also reduces the use of resources, manual work and a lot more!


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